Appropriate Clubhouse Attire

•  The dress code for the Clubhouse, which includes the foyer, mezzanine, meeting rooms, and all dining areas, is “Club Casual”.

•  For Gentlemen: “Club Casual” includes shirts with sleeves and a collar that is at least one inch in width, (turtlenecks and mock turtlenecks acceptable), and slacks or dress shorts.

•  For Women: “Club Casual” includes dresses, a shirt with either a collar or sleeves, slacks, capri pants, shorts or golf skirts.

•  For All: Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times. Denim attire is now permitted in the Clubhouse unless otherwise specified for a party or event and providing it is tasteful and in acceptable condition (absent of acid stains, tears, rips and frayed bottoms). Jeans should be considered “dress” jeans. Jeans are not permitted in Dorsey's or the Banquet hall.  Swim wear, exercise attire, sweat pants, sweat shirts, bare midriffs, men’s tank tops, or abbreviated attire (i.e. halter tops, etc.) are not permitted. Men must remove their hats and caps while seated in Dorsey’s during dining hours, but are permitted to wear them in Traditions.

•  Dress for special events may be defined for that occasion and prevailing dress definitions may be changed.

•  It is expected that Members of Crofton Country Club and their families will choose to dress in a fashion befitting the surroundings and atmosphere provided in the setting of the Club. It is also expected that Members and their families will advise their guests, including children, of the dress requirements.

•  Dress standards for children are the same as those set for adults.

•  The Club reserves the right to make determinations, regarding inappropriate or questionable attire and appreciates your cooperation.

Appropriate Golf Course Attire

•  For Men: Includes shirts with sleeves and a collar that is at least one inch in width, (turtlenecks and mock turtlenecks acceptable), and slacks or shorts. Shirts must be tucked in at all times.

•  For Women: Includes a shirt with either a collar or sleeves and a golf skirt, shorts, capris or pants.

•  For All: Shirts and shoes (no sandals or flip flops) must be worn at all times. Golf hats must be worn with the brim forward. Denim is not allowed on the golf course, driving ranges or practice areas. Further inappropriate golf attire would be short shorts, athletic or jogging shorts, cut-offs, swimming suits, and halter tops. Appropriate golf shoes (no metal spikes) or approved shoes must be worn on the golf course and practice areas at all times. Members are strongly encouraged to clean their shoes before entering the dining areas or Golf Shop.

Appropriate Pool Attire

•  Appropriate swim wear is expected on the pool deck. Denim attire is permitted in the pool area. Swim wear, (including cover ups) are not permitted in the clubhouse, dining areas or golf course.