Rules & Regulations

Weekday Tee Times- Tee Times may be requested up to 7 days in advance during the week.
Weekend Tee Times- Tee Times will start at 6:30 am on the weekends/Holidays with 8 minute intervals. Requests for weekend tee times must be received by the Close of Business on Weds. Tee Times are drawn at the close of business Weds. evening for the upcoming weekend.
Guest Policy- Up to 3 guests are permitted to play with a Member Tuesday-Friday and after 12:00 pm on Saturday & Sunday, unless otherwise approved by the Head Golf Professional. One guest per member is allowed Saturday-Sunday before 12:00 pm. The same guest may not play more than 1 time per month regardless of which member they play with. All Members and their Guests MUST REGISTER in the Pro Shop.
Cart Rules- Carts must always exit the fairway at the signs located to do so on the course. The conditions of the day will be communicated by the Pro Shop and/or the Starter for the day.
Handicap Flags- Flags will be issued to individuals that have a state registered vehicle handicap permit. Flagged carts will be permitted limited access to the fairways during wet conditions. There will be times during very wet conditions that handicap flags will not be issued and access to fairways will not be permitted.
Pace of Play- The ideal pace of play for 18 holes of golf is 4 hours. Earlier tee times in the day are required to play at a pace of under the 4 hour mark.
NOTE: It is much more important to maintain the Pace with the group AHEAD of you as opposed to staying ahead of the group behind you! If your group should fall behind pace, you will be asked to move along. Falling just half of a hole behind is the equivalent of losing one tee time off the tee sheet. Your respect for the Course Official and your fellow Members behind you is appreciated. One Warning will be given to groups that continue to be behind Pace of the course. If a second warning is warranted, the group will be asked to skip holes in order to get back into position. (if a hole is skipped, a score can still be posted as long as the player using their stroke allotment for that hole)
NOTE: Habitual offenders may lose the privilege of preferred early tee times.
Handicaps- The official handicap season for posting scores is March 15th-  November 15th. A “true handicap” is based on 20 acceptable 18-hole rounds. A “temporary handicap” is calculated after 5 gross scores and is updated with each new score until 20 scores are posted. In order to participant in any handicapped Crofton Country Club Tournament/Event, a “true handicap” must be established, unless otherwise approved by the Tournament Committee. Handicaps are updated on the 1st and 15th of every month during official handicap posting season.
Music- Music on the golf course is permitted as long as the individual is mindful of his/her playing partners, fellow Members on the golf course, and the Crofton community. An individual may be asked to turn his/her music down in order to maintain these guidelines. However, if the music continues to be played at a level that is at a disturbance to another Member and/or the Crofton community, the individual will be asked to turn off the device for the remainder of their round.
Five-Somes: Five-somes will be permitted Monday-Thursday during slow times of the day with the permission of the Head Golf Professional. However, five-somes WILL NOT be permitted Friday-Sunday regardless of tee sheet capacity and/or the groups pace of play.